Who we are
Mollie Dupper
Speaker, Teacher, Mentor
Tyler Morrison
Musician, Communicator, Disciple
Azriel Posthumus
Musician, Artist, Health-Nut
Zack Posthumus
Design, Branding, Lit
Carl Dupper
Leadership, Management, Operations

Mollie is a teacher. She loves creating opportunities for others to experience Jesus.

Tyler is a connector. He loves using his talents to connect people with others, with their potential, and most of all with Jesus.

Zack is a designer. He enjoys making things that look good. He's stoked to bring his skill set to Christianity.

Azriel is a musician. She is a recording artist that sings what the Holy Spirit says.

Carl is a leader. He enjoys finding solutions, working with people, and making connections.

Ministry events

The Current Ministry Team will travel to your location and host an impactful conference featuring professional music and inspirational talks 

Jesus Dates

Podcast host Mollie Dupper finds stories from the present that point out where God is moving all around us.

The Daily Brew

A live-daily devotional on instagram hosted by Tyler Morrison. Start your day with positivity, puns, and Jesus!

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What an amazing team of extremely talented and committed young adult Christians! Azriel and Tyler abound in musical talent which they have dedicated to the Lord, and Mollie has such a heart for sharing her love for Jesus. Put them all together and I would take them anyplace and put them before any audience that wants to grow in their relationship with Jesus. They have blessed our campus and now I reluctantly, yet joyfully, release them in God’s service wherever that post-college experience will take them. - Rich Carlson, Union College Chaplain


When God works in people's lives, we are blessed and changed by knowing them. Mollie, Tyler and Azriel have blessed and changed Maplewood Academy in powerful ways through their spoken words and music ministry. God's love and grace are focal points of their work, and as they lift up Jesus we are led to truly worship our Father. I praise God for the work these three want to do for Him. - Linda Vigil, Maplewood Academy Bible Teacher/Chaplain.


Mollie, Tyler, and Azriel were amazing. They connected extremely well with the students at Forest Lake Academy. The message was so Jesus centered and their presentation style was unique, captivating the students. FLA students have talked about this particular Spiritual Emphasis for several weeks. What a blessing to have a group come in and be intentional in both the spoken word and music about how to live your life as you wait for Jesus to return

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Mollie: (218) 209-8198

Tyler: (402) 730-2969

Azriel: (909) 809-8465

Zack: (269) 599-2598

Carl: (970) 481-5760

E: connect@thecurrentministry.com



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